Victoria & David on their way to the airport *PICS*.

  1. :smile:
    1rw6.jpg 2bc6.jpg 4zf4.jpg 5rz0.jpg 6ie4.jpg 7ka4.jpg 8zz7.jpg 9kz1.jpg 10xm1.jpg 13za5.jpg
  2. And some more:
    14mq7.jpg 15ub4.jpg 18gd3.jpg 19qa3.jpg 21ik2.jpg 2wg7.jpg 3ev9.jpg 8tm2.jpg 9as8.jpg 10ag7.jpg
  3. And more:
    13im2.jpg 14lt6.jpg 16lh7.jpg 15yl2.jpg 240706portofino30.jpg 240706portofino32.jpg
  4. :love: omg!she looks wonderful!:biggrin:they are perfect couple:love:
  5. WOW I think she's so beautiful!
    Great body and great sence of style!
  6. Thanks for the great pics- :love:

    Her legs could grow just a tad, but she looks great! And he... O_M_G!!!!
  7. i love this couple!.. and i love her jimmy choo bag :smile: gorgeous!
  8. can you imagine if people took pics of us from every angle? eek!!! :wtf: She truly looks amazing in every single shot.

    And David is scrumptous as always. :P

    I know I'm contributing to the photog mayhem by even looking at these pics, but these two are simply fascinating. I'm happy to see some pics of them together in quiet moments, because sometimes it feels like David only drags her through airports. With pics like these, you can tell they are actually a real loving couple. very sweet.

    Did I mention how amazing Becks looks in a fitted t-shirt? Yummy:rolleyes:
  9. They are such a cute couple, i love the one of them sitting on the boat with his arm around her.
  10. Thank you for sharing.
  11. they look very tanned and yummy, I really like her jimmy choo bag too!
  12. yeah, thanks for the pictures. i like how david takes care of her and smiles at her all the time.
  13. I hope they are happy!
  14. they look great together :smile:
  15. She looks great..