Victoria & David Beckham shopping at H.Lorenzos

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  1. she looks gorgeus :biggrin:

    i think these didin't post if so, sorry... :sweatdrop:
    shoppinghlorenzowithdavcd7.jpg shoppinghlorenzowithdaveq4.jpg shoppinghlorenzowithdavfy4.jpg shoppinghlorenzowithdavko2.jpg shoppinghlorenzowithdavul8.jpg
  2. These are a couple months old??

    I think she looks great but I'm not a huge fan of the bottom of that Rick Owens tank top.
  3. yeah these were posted a couple of days after they came to america, Im not trying to be mean, but you need to do a search before posting because you posted numerous thread that were up already.
  4. ok! if i will never send anything afterall nothing happens!
  5. Thanks for posting! These photos are new to me...:tup:
  6. im sorry, but I didnt understand that?
  7. i love her bag so so much!! it looks Hermes but does anyone know the name of that particular bag?
  8. LOL! My six year old son was wearing the exact same outfit as David today!!! But my son's outfit was from the Gap...David's is probably from Gucci or something...
  9. I like her shoes.
    These pics are new to me - thanks for posting them
  10. love the bag!
  11. JPG Shoulder Birkin (Hermes, yes.)