VICTORIA - can you share some action pics?

  1. i'm really liking this bag. obviously, i haven't been to my local H store in awhile after having the baby and haven't checked out this bag. :sad:

    i'm wanting to see how versatile this bag is or how simply lovely this looks being toted. if you have any action pics with your Victoria, can you pls. post here?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. I love this bag! I tried on a Gold clemence at my NM once, and it really looks sharp on! I hope someone has some action pics though- it really does look better on!!!
  3. If I can work my way to looking halfway decent this weekend I'll try and get DH to take some pictures L!
  4. Orchids, I'm sure you always look lovely!:flowers: Looking forward to your Victoria action pics!
  5. SN - thanks for the link! where was i? will check it out now!
  6. LOL! No problem:smile:) There have been some amazing threads I've missed around here too, one of which was MrsSparkle's Ribena one, lol! Glad I found it coz it was a beauty to behold!
  7. I'm loving this bag too! There was a VF in blue jean clemence at SCP last month and it was gorgeous :drool:
  8. I would have like to have seen that one!^^
  9. Thank you, S. You're very generous with your compliments. :heart:
  10. bags on display...


    (And a 30 cm black clemence Lindy w/ GH...and a 32 cm rose dragee Kelly...retourne I think...)

    Nice bag...but too "thick" in profile for me...