Victoria B's leg?

  1. This is gross if it is true. Just like when they posted the Kate Moss pictures. It might be photoshop?


    It was also in another paper.,,2-2007330526,00.html
  2. Its Photoshopped...LOL
  3. It has to be photoshopped...!! :| haha
  4. Photoshop
  5. Uh photoshop. It looks like her leg has some rare undiscovered chronic disformation.
  6. It's photoshopped. I saw these pictures on gossip sites and Victoria's legs don't look like that in the untouched pics.
  7. Its Photoshopped!
  8. Fake:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]




  9. Looks photoshopped to me. VB stares at herself in front of the mirror too much to notice any flaws she has. I would think that VB would rather shoot herself with a diamond bullet than be photographed like that.
  10. That's a fake, she has too little fat for that to happen.
  11. she's too skinny for her leg to look like that.
    photoshopped or just a really bad picture.
  12. I always wonder why people photoshop pictures like this?!?! It is definitely fake and she hardly has any fat on her whole body.
  13. This was already posted in "The Beckhams" thread.
  14. Geez! Sh's a size "0" . I don't believe the photograph at all.
  15. Forget the legs!!! That dress is LAST SEASON. Kirsten Dunst wore it like a year ago!! Victoria what happened!!!!????