Victoria Beckham's Trench Coats

  1. i LOVE her in these trench coats! Does anyone have any info on the designers??



  2. The last one is definitely Burberry. Im not sure about the first two though, but in her book (That Extra Half Inch) she does say that she loves Burberry trenches.
  3. Oh I just love her style I don't know why people criticise her! Love those trench coats also! Sorry don't know designers of first two but agree that last one looks like Burberry!
  4. Hmm... shes wears alot of armani. I'm thinking that's what they might be?
  5. No clue...but I love them too! :biggrin:
  6. I don't know but she sure looks HOT!
  7. I think they are all Burberry....
  8. The first one is a Burberry.:yes:
  9. Yes, first one is Burberry. The second I believe was in last season's Burberry ad campaign.
  10. she makes me wanna get a trench coat! she looks great in all of them.
  11. ^^ Do you know if that book is available internationally / in Australia yet by any chance? I REALLY want it!!TIA:yes:
  12. Her brown leather trench is from Burberry Prossum, and her black one is from Balenciaga.
  13. They are indeed hot!
  14. i absolutely adore her and her style:love:
    just wanted to come in here and say

    i always thought the first one was d&g...? i guess not.

    how about the gray one? anyone know?
  15. VB has the best clothes! :love: The first trench is TDF!! :drool: :heart: