Victoria Beckhams SUNglasses pics who makes em

  1. Victoria Beckhams SUNglasses pics who makes em
    Does anyone know where you can get these sunnies? What make are they? I dont think they are DVB style b/c I havent seen them in the collection--Be great if anyone could tell me where to get them and who they are!!

    Ive posted these pics---they arent the best but I know you guys wil recognise the shots![​IMG]

    They are like a goldy gunmetal type colour with little bolts on--they look so cool and nice and are different to everything else ive seen!
    [​IMG][​IMG]pictures from den den
  2. I don't know but you should try her website. They might be her own design. DVB sunglasses
  3. I'm not sure who makes them..but I really like them too!
  4. Are those the same sunnies she has on in these pics? (I can't tell)

    24447_celeb-city_eu_Victoria_Beckham_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_at_Silverstone_x109_123_919lo.jpg 25826_celeb-city_eu_Victoria_Beckham_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_at_Silverstone_x145_123_724lo.jpg

    If they are, they are vintage Alpina M1 glasses. Can be found on eBay or some re-sale shops.
  5. Irene!!! HELP, What leather jacket is VB wearing!!!
  6. Minnie, NO idea about the jacket! SORRY! But have been dying to find out myself! I thought it was Dolce but checked my own Dolce & Gabbana jackets and the zipper pulls are different. I think she got it around the same time she was hanging out with Roberto Cavalli so it may be Cavalli.
  7. ^^^ Ugh how lucky, how can I hang out with Cavalli??!!
  8. H_addict your amazing thank you so much!!! how did you find that out? I looked on eBay and I found some but not the exact ones. If you come across where they sell those exact ones I want them, Thanks
  9. from what I am seeing those sunglasses go for around 600 dollars!!! yikes!!!!!!!! gotta wait on those... But if you do find any like them or even them I might consider it
  10. I think those are her own design; DVB eyewear.

  11. My pleasure!:flowers: In this HQ pic you can see the ALPINA logo on the right lens:


    And they ARE the same sunnies from your original post, BTW. Here are some other pics of that day:

    VicBeckhamRTN_468x649.jpg VBeckhamBlonde022706_4.jpg VBeckhamBlonde022706_1.jpg posh6RTN_468x406.jpg

    These are actually the exact same pair as she has on (only in a dif. color):
  12. They look alot like raybands, but aren't because of the size. Hmmm...
  13. those ones on ebay!!! are fakes! because look they dont have the alpina logo on them... he sold fakes for freaking 300 dollars!!!!! wow! thats pretty sad...
  14. Maybe the jacket is from Rick Owens.. The sunglasses are definitely not from dVb, and are from Alpina. I'm trying to find them as well!!