Victoria Beckham's Solo CD (2001)

  1. Does anyone own this CD? Are there any good songs?
  2. hee hee, I used to have it (dont like to admit it really ;)), and no, there were no great songs on this album - honestly!!!
  3. I love all of VB's albums but i have a very odd music sense and i like all that pop-trash stuff. i think VB has some input in the album and wrote (or co-wrote) the songs. Im sure she wrote the song 'Resentment' which was later covered by Beyonce. its not all dance tracks, some of them are deeper, but i like the R'n'B-ish stuff she does.
  4. I bought one song off itunes called "A Mind of Its Own" and I actually really like it. But i haven't heard the others
  5. wait, she actually sings? :p
  6. wow - she can just do everything.
  7. She had a CD? LOL I didn't even know. I'm not surprised though. It's not like she can sing.
  8. ^ she has 3 solo CDs as far as i know.
  9. Is this the cd that she sings "Don't Disturb This Groove"?
  10. I didn't know she had any solo albums out..none of the Spice Girls had great singing voices imo...great fashion sense, just not very talented, vocally.
  11. check youtube the video for a mind of its own its cute.