Victoria Beckham's Pucci Dress

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get this boooooooooitful dress!!!! :heart::roflmfao:

    I've been searching online but nada.:tdown:

    Please help...
  2. Can't see the picture. NAP, Neimans, Eluxury have Pucci.
  3. here you go
  4. I think its an older dress (not the current season) because there is a picture of Lindsay Lohan wearing the same dress and it was back when she had dark hair :shrugs:
  5. really??? I always thought VB wore current seasons... i remember in an interview she mentioned that she never wears past season clothes... ohh welll
  6. I did a quick search and found pics of Lindsay Lohan wearing that dress - she wore it back in June '06, so i doubt you will be able to find it in stores.
  7. oo yes that dress is gorgeous!
  8. Definetely from past seasons, you might want to search eBay that would be your best bet to find it
  9. I like the dress!
  10. It is a cute dress.
  11. I love that dress. She wears it so well!
  12. :busted
  13. i love this dress.
  14. i love it too!

    i've never seen her wear it before, that's why it surprises me that it's from pasts seasons.hmmm
  15. Cute dress!