Victoria Beckham's new Kelly!

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] :love:
  2. She is wearing Mariah Carys butterfly ring! (NOT loving the bag, but her highlights look great)
  3. I don't like this bag, but her outfit is gorgeous (butterfly ring included!).
  4. Interesting bag.....I wonder exactly how many Hermes bags that girl has?!!
  5. This is a nice Kelly, but not my favorite combo. I prefer toile with the tan Barenia. BUT I do love how she wears her Kelly!
  6. Is her shirt supposed to be open?
  7. The only thing I like is the bag...;) :biggrin:
  8. LOL! I just noticed that! I just love this whole outfit- not my first choice for a Kelly, but would not turn it down!
  9. Definitely not a "new" bag. it is so worn along the piping and bottom. i think it's safe to assume that her shirt is very much supposed to be open. what size is this kelly?
  10. I hate everything except the skirt! It is beautiful!
  11. I love her glasses do any of you know what brand it is? thanks in advance.
  12. She looks gorgeous!
  13. I love it!!
  14. Why would she have a kelly that was so worn?
  15. It's not vintage because it has a strap. It looks like a 32 to me. Maybe she likes the "worn, shabby" look in a few of her bags?
    Her other H bags are pristine and insanely gorgeous!
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