Victoria Beckham's luggage help!

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  1. Could someone please tell me the names of Victoria's luggage. I see some Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga but I do not know the names of them. Thanks :smile:

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  2. Gucci doesn't give it's luggage pieces specific names, so they're usually just something generic like "large trolley".

    For LV I see an Alize and a Sirius; the Bal is a weekender.
  3. Holy..:wtf:

    Where was she traveling and how long was she staying?!
  4. ^haha. i was wondering the same thing! jeeze... I was always taught to pack light...
  5. This is in 2007, when she was over in Paris for the Elle shoot.
  6. oh lordie! all that's JUST hers?!
  7. That pink quilted bag with black handles in the first picture (to the right) is a dog carrier, I think. The watermark covered the side, which would confirm it. It looks like it's rolled up. I have the same one, but in all black.

    Anyway, it's the Kwigy-Bo Alex carrier in pink (duh). Here's a site with one.

    Not really luggage, but ID-ing this made me feel helpful! :P