Victoria Beckham's bag?

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  1. I am stumped... seems the front is facing her and I can not find a better pic! Any help?

    And her dress, I :heart: it!
  2. Giorgio Armani Croc-Embossed Tote
  3. How do you know these things?!?! You are amazing!!!
  4. :sneaky:

  5. Do you know her dress too?? That is my second wish genie in a bottle!
  6. Megs, the dress is Marc Jacobs.
  7. Here is a somewhat better pic:

  8. You are something else Irene!!! The dress looks stunning on her... drab on the mannequin, but stunning on her!!
  9. gorgeous combo, colors look great together! and H how do you know this so quick?????? lol
  10. The dress and purse match perfectly! But the bag is kind of big, isn't it? But it is still so pretty! I love it!
  11. She has been wearing a lot of marc jacobs lately...She looks amazing in everything
  12. she is always so fantastic
  13. VB has been wearing Marc Jacob clothes alot lately...