Victoria Beckham

  1. Just curious - when I went out last night I got a taxi home - and the taxi driver told me that Victoria Beckham had gone to the carvery pub which is at the very bottom of my road yesterday ... I looked on the web to see if I could find out if that was maybe true or not but could not find anything ..

    I know that VB used to go to lanes in Epsom Surrey in the UK where I live so she may of been here yesterday ..

    So can anyone help and know where to look on the web to find out if this is true and what she was up to yesterday .. It would be really exciting if it was true.:yahoo:

    LOL My dad thinks the taxi driver was taking the mickey out of me as I was a bit tipsy.:shame:
  2. That would be so cool if she were... I am not sure where to look but that is still cool!
  3. That photo is so funny! lol