Victoria Beckham with blonde hair shopping in Beverly Hills (05/18/07)

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I honestly think she can pull off any hair color and style.
  3. i think she looks great
  4. Wow, never have seen her in lavender before...great color for her!
  5. She often looks very much put-together, I think she looks nice and all... however, I still fail to see what the big deal is about her... I just don't find her attractive!
  6. I think that color dress looks great on her. I wish she would smile, she looks very beautiful with a smile.
  7. Gorgeous! Love that colour on her!
  8. Someone chuck her a pie
  9. Gorgeous, and so fabulously put together as always!
    Loves it!
    Thanks for posting.
  10. Moving to California, got to get that blond look going.....
  11. I feel the same way. She looked so much better as a spice girl. Now she is too skinny and the blond washes her out.
  12. I feel the same way. I knew there would be headlights in pics of her. I really wish she would fix her nose. In fact, I wish she would fire her plastic surgeon. He really doesn't know what he is doing. I do like her hair though.
  13. Actaully,if you read any of her interviews,she is proud of her unconventional beauty.She always says that she never claimed to be beautiful,and that she is pretty avreage looking(her own words)but that she makes it work best with what she got.Thats why she appeals to women.The comment that she should get her nose fixed(as someone,demanded)disguasts me as a woman!
  14. Im really like her in this dress and that colour. She looks cute :smile:
  15. She's so tiny, this mother of three! She's not just thin, but well-toned, look at her hands!, I like that very much.