Victoria Beckham sunnies now for sale

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  1. they are huge, not liking those. i think i'd look 'funny' with them.
  2. Unfortunately, I think I'd look funny as anything with those on!!!!
  3. I lovelovelove enormous sunglasses, much to the amusement of my friends and loved ones, who make fun of me for it. I'm not generally a big rah-rah girl for VB, but I might try very, very hard to get me hands on some of these pretties. Mmmm . . . giant sunnies. :love:
  4. I think she's got a small face/head becuase every time I see a pair of sunglasses on her, I want to get that pair! But then when I try them at the store they look TINY on me!!!:wtf:
  5. She looks like a Bee with those sunnies :smile: but i like her style! Even if its funny sometimes :P
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