Victoria Beckham: Shows Up, Ringless

  1. 2006-08-24 12:30:04
    Victoria Beckham got drunk on a night out in London without her husband or her wedding ring.
    The former Spice Girl, the wife of footballer David Beckham, was celebrating a friend's birthday on Tuesday night (22.08.06) and had to be helped out of a club by a minder at 4.45am after
    having too much to drink.
    A witness said: "She looked tipsy to say the least."
    Victoria, 32, allegedly downed glasses of £250-a-bottle Dom Perignon champagne and Matsuhisa Martini cocktails during a seven hour binge drinking session.
    The couple's marriage has been at the centre of negative rumours recently, and it is also believed the couple are now struggling to conceive for a fourth time.
    The star was wearing a skimpy lace top and bell-bottomed trousers, but was not wearing her wedding ring.
  2. So i guess the pregnant rumors are not true? :shrugs:
  3. It looks like she has a ring on to me:
  4. :rolleyes:These tabloids kill me- just a few weeks ago they were writing about the second honeymoon and how strong the marriage was. Today it's on the rocks and they are 'struggling' to conceive.
  5. I hate the tabloids that make up these horrible stories. Imagine how the two must feel.
  6. Here are pictures of Posh having a great time!:drinkup: Reminds me of ME when i'm liquored up!!!
  7. yeah it looks like she has her ring on to me too! whatever, i hope the rumours just dont get to them, and i hope they are just that; rumours.
    they are the cutest couple EVER they look PERFECT together and soo happy.

    tabloids are just running out of things to say.
  8. The tabloids must've been extra bored to write this. Shame on them!
  9. i only like looking at her pictures, i don't really care about the content in the tabloid!:yes:
  10. I don´t remember if she had the ring on that night from the photos but her ring cost so much she says she doesn´t always wear it. David is aware of it too:lol:
  11. The tabloids need to leave them alone!!!!
  12. how can they say they are having problems conceiving, to my knowledge, they only decided to try for another baby after the world cup, and after Davids stood down as captain............ oooh about four weeks ago then ;) :biggrin:

    I would hate to be this couple, they get alot of publicity and perks, but have to put up with a hell of alot of stuff written about them :sad: