Victoria Beckham shopping *PICS*

  1. I am LOVING the hair and the bag too!!!:nuts:
    1au6.jpg 2rd3.jpg 3ol1.jpg 4ef1.jpg 5ak6.jpg 6mg4.jpg 8mu2.jpg 11hz2.jpg 12eq4.jpg 13yv5.jpg
  2. And some more:
    imgpreqe0.jpg shop1hm2.jpg shopop8.jpg
  3. I adore the bag....I just am not loving the hair... I loved it long...she wore it so well. Still a beautiful woman!!!
  4. Somebody please tell me what bag that is! That is hot!
  5. I wanna know what bag that is too. :yes: And is that a tatoo on her neck? What is it?
  6. The bag is the Burberry Manor bag. I bet she's wearing that because she is/wants to be the new face of Burberry (hence her hanging out with Christopher Bailey).
  7. I wish I looked that good in skinny jeans! *love*
  8. Here are some HQs of the bag from last week! It's HOT!!!:nuts:
    vic_lockonego2.jpg vic_lockonego3.jpg vic_lockonego8.jpg vic_lockonego9.jpg
  9. She looks good!
  10. The bag looks nice. So does her tattoo..

    I don't really care for the skinny jeans but she has the body for them.
  11. Is her hair up or is it cut?

    (And I like how she's not looking so skeletal!)
  12. Rumor has it she is preggers again. If she is, I HOPE she has a girl!!!
  13. If she has another boy...I'm gonna be pissed.:lol:
  14. Hey, she's actually wearing a bra this time! :roflmfao:
  15. She looks gorgeous as usual. Has she really gotten a new tattoo or is that just henna etc?