Victoria Beckham @ Nobu in London *NEW PICS*

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  1. :drinkup:
    vic_restaurantnobu31.jpg vic_restaurantnobu63.jpg vic_restaurantnobu72.jpg vic_restaurantnobu74.jpg vic_restaurantnobu87.jpg vic_restaurantnobu92.jpg vic_restaurantnobu94.jpg
  2. Lovin' her top! She looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for the pics Irene.
  3. Thanks for the pics Irene! I love her outfit.
  4. She looks sexy but in the 5th pic her head looks ginormous! It must be the angle of the shot.

    Thanks for posting more pics!
  5. I love the top. love her hair. LOVE HER!!! Thanks LV Addict, I always look foward to your pics of VB.
  6. I think that outfit is kinda trashy myself . I like her hair , though .
  7. she's sooooooooo skinny..*envy*
  8. She looks great! Killer outfit.
  9. I love her hair color, the black nail polish , well she is sooooo hot!
  10. DH (who knows nothing of the Beckhams) saw her on TV last night w/David and said "that's one lucky man" LOL. I think she looks amazing!
  11. I love this look she looks fabulous!!:love::love::love:
  12. Has there ever been a picture of her when she hasn't been perfectly put together? Amazing.
  13. She looks soooo fab. love the outfit!
  14. So, are the rumors of her having a baby true ? Cause it doesn't look like she's gained any weight...more like she lost some ?!?!

    she looks great nonetheless.Thanks for the pics, LVADDICT.
  15. I get hungry just looking at her. She is a gorgeous woman..BUT I think a little curves are far more sexy.
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