Victoria Beckham leaving the restaurant and boutique in London!

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  3. There she is, fussing with her hair again!!! If her arms were in a sling, she'd be in big trouble.
  4. She's so fabulous! Seriously, who else could pull off that last ensemble?
  5. ^ I do agree... what clutch is she carrying???
  6. I love her style!

  7. Looks like from Marc Jacobs..

    Love the outfits
  8. ^^I think its Marc Jacobs too.I love the black outfit.Its very Sophia Loren.The high waist and visible shape of her bossom!Elegant but still sexy!
  9. I love that kelly!
  10. Marc Jacobs.

    She looks fabulous as usual!
  11. GREAT outfit and shoes on her! Probably the best look I've seen on her, very sexy-classy. But get too close and you could get your eye poked by a very, very perky boob. lol.
  12. Those trousers are spectacular.
  13. beautiful outfit but.... c'mon it's freezing here in London... where is your coat love?? :rolleyes:
  14. ahh... viva la posh!

    she is fierce!!!