Victoria Beckham Just Dropped $32,750 on an Hermes Handbag

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  1. From US magazine online, April 1st, April Fool's Joke? Likely not...

    Hey, big spender! Victoria Beckham just dropped $32,750 on a brand-new handbag, a source tells Us Weekly.
    The fashion designer and ex-Spice Girl, 41, spent her hard-earned cash at, a site that specializes in authentic pre-owned luxury styles, on a classic: the Hermès HSS Birkin Bag. But she chose an unexpected shade — bubblegum-pink with gold hardware.
    "Victoria requested they find the bag for her, and they were able to track it down," the insider shared.
    As it turns out, this isn't her first pink Hermès bag! Beckham, who shares four children with husband David Beckham, toted a textured version of the exclusive celeb-adored purse back in 2007, when David was announced as a member of L.A.'s soccer team. She even rocked a pink dress to boot.
  2. Hmm except the bag is still available on Portero?
  3. Seems obvious to me like a not so subtle ad for Portero!
  4. It is hard to beleive that she would pay premium when I don't expect it is not hard to her to get a bag of choice.
  5. i dont understand how this is shocking?
  6. Advertisement for Portero
  7. :imgbroken::sleepy:
  8. Hadn't thought of that... Just figured Posh is just like some of us (and by us I do mean me :giggles:smile: that buys from resellers...
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