Victoria Beckham Joins Exclusive Gym To Beat Shrinking Geri Halliwell

  1. Victoria Beckham has joined an exclusive celebrity gym in Los Angeles to whip her into shape for the Spice Girls tour later this year. Despite saying she never works out, Posh has become a member of LA's The Sports Club, and signed up to Candlelight Stretch classes accompanied by a live string quartet. Her ultimate plan is to tone up ahead of the Spice Girls' fierce 25-date world tour, and her fellow Spice Geri Halliwell.

    The full story is here

  2. Geri looks amazing!!
  3. It's crazy she had a baby not too long ago...
  4. Why is VB so insecure? I have a feeling no matter what kind of plastic surgery or working out is not going to help what's going on in her head. GH looks great!!!
  5. I'd love either of their bodies.
  6. VB is already in shape, I don't know what she's so worried about.....
    hmm, maybe it's all the publicity her DH is getting from all the young american female fans? lol
  7. i know geri looks so good, it posh loses any more weight she will be skin and bones!
  8. geri looks fab!!! Vic needs to gain weight and tone...not lose anymore!!!!
  9. She had a baby a year ago.
  10. They both look great, geez what's the problem here?
  11. ^
    THe problem is probably the stupid invalid new paper reporter making an article out of nothing. She joined a stretching course, it's not like she'll burn a lot on that anyways. Stupid made up stories = :tdown:
  12. This thread is already in the VB and DB thread...just to let you gals know...same pics there too.
  13. i can't believe how great geri looks!!! good for her !
  14. Is there a string coming from VB's muff?
  15. Geez, VB is already so thin. She needs to stop! They both already look great. If anything they could put on 5-10 lbs without having any problems.