Victoria Beckham jewelry shopping

  1. I love her outfit and the bag!!!!!!



  2. her van cleef ring is stunning......if only i had a spare $23,000 lying around.......well i probably wouldn't blow it on a butterfly ring but still ;)
  3. i love her shoes!
  4. I thought Mariah was the queen of the butterfly ring!!
  5. they have the same one :P
  6. i love her bag!
  7. OMG I love this picture -

    Shes so pretty/cute! How high would you say those heels are?
  8. OMG! she is sooooo hot. those heels have to be at least 4' or more the bottom of the shoe is the Louboutin style (red) she is fierce the hair is major gorgeous... she is so freggin Rockstar!!!! I lub her style. :love:
  9. I so agree. I'm :love:ing this look and thos shoes!!! Fab!
  10. I love Victoria. She always looks fab. Miss Brit Brit should take a lesson from Victoria on how to dress when out in public.
  11. I LOVE this look! She is always so gorgeous!
  12. If you have millions of $ in the bank, of course you're gonna look drop dead gorgeous. That's what $ buys (just like the other poster said, unless your Britney).

    But I have to admit I do love her outfit and hair in these pics!
  13. totally agree. I wish she was in America more.
  14. i'm not usually a fan of her style, but that outfit is really cool!
    love the belt, the BAG, and the shoes....well, love it all!
  15. Love her shoes, and her outfit looks great on her!