Victoria Beckham Interview (Video)

  1. I love It !! Fantastic ! The kids were adorable and so was she. New Castle Has the best accent.

    Thanks for sharing envyme:heart:
  2. OMG!!! That is ADORABLE!!!:nuts: :love: Thanks for posting!!!
  3. That was really cute, she was a great sport about it.
  4. That was so cute!!
  5. That was SO much FUN! Thanks for posting this. My DH and I had a good laugh watching it!
  6. she seems very nice,the kids were adorable!
  7. VB is Honey'ish .. LOVE HER
    Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  8. Oh that was so cute. She does seem nice.
  9. Oh she's fantastic!! I've always loved VB!!!!!!
  10. Wow! She laughs, smiles and has a personality! I'm glad I saw the real her other than in her paparazzi photos.
  11. omg how cute is she!? i had no idea she had so much personality! (that sounds meaner than i meant it to.) i wish she would do more interviews in the US or host a show or something. she's very entertaining to watch.
  12. Great Video! She seems really nice with a good sense of humour.:yes:
  13. loved it...she seems like such a sweetie!
  14. after watching this, my views of her changed completely. i guess it's because every time i see her, she is expresionless and it's always a photo. this is the first time i've seen her in video form since the Spice Girls days... she seems really sweet and nice!