Victoria Beckham in New York *PICS*

  1. I think she looks FANTASTIC!!! LOVE the bag!!!:love:

  2. She always looks great! Love the red dress and sunglasses.
  3. I WANT those Cavalli pumps!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  4. Her style is gorgeous as usual!! I'd love a peek into her must be handbag heaven!!!
  5. Another amazing outfit by Mrs. Beckham! I would kill to have her wardrobe!
  6. Gorgeous outfit (I love red). Have you seen the diamond ring she is wearing??? Amazing :nuts: What about the bag? It's made of crocodile, I suppose....Do you know the brand?
  7. Beautiful!!! what an amazing dress!!
  8. she's gorgeous all the time!
  9. She looks amazing!
  10. yep, you can say what you like about her, but she never gets it wrong. Its a fab dress :smile:
  11. She looks really good here. I love the whole outfit. I saw her ring omg huge...
  12. anyone know where the dress is from?
  13. Nice bag.
  14. She looks good but she still needs to get some meat on her bones. Her best feature is her legs - I'd kill for those (wouldn't say no to her hubby either!)
  15. her hair color is beautiful too:heart: Sometimes she can look kinda scary but most of the time she looks amazing!!