Victoria Beckham in London

  1. She looks so skinny, but I :heart: her Chanel bag.

  2. Well,she is skinny,but at least,with this outfit,she looks great :amuse: and doesn't seem to have a huge head like she did in some pics posted a few days ago :yes: :yes: The bag is truly wonderful!!:heart:
  3. Her neck appears to be straining under the weight of her head!
  4. wow she's so skinny, it's like on a windy day she would blow away...i do have to admit that out fit looks great and love the bag of course!!!
  5. HAHAHAHAHA!!! :lol:
  6. Too Too Skinny...she should be prosecuted for it...send out another poor image to women
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Love the outfit!
  9. So far I haven't seen her out in the public not looking fabs ! Love the outfit and the chanel bag.
  10. damn she is skinny. not quite as bad as nicole richie but pretty damn close. i love her outfit tho and her bag as well!
  11. she reminds me of a smurf.
    i like her clean crisp tuck the shirt in the jean look..its soo elegant and sexy.
  12. So glam!!!:love:
  13. bah! I wish I was that skinny. She's hot.
  14. I love her chanel.
  15. fabulous style! i love her bag too!