Victoria Beckham in London *PICS* HOT HOT HOT!!!

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  1. OMG!!! How GORGEOUS are those pics?!:love:
    21il1.jpg 41op.jpg 60yr.jpg 75oi.jpg 84lc.jpg 93wl.jpg 57vd.jpg 106yl.jpg 15ls5.jpg
  2. She is so beautiful!
  3. hmmm, is it just me, or is anybody else a tinsy bit bored of her now! Ooooh look, Victoria coming out of a restaurant/shop/at the footie, always looking fab but always with the same expression and hair!!!
  4. I love VB! She has such a great sense of style and alway looks stunning! Thanx 4 Posting LV_addict!
  5. at least she's wearing a bra this time!!

    I think she looks georgous here!
  6. i like that outfit but would it have hurt to close ONE button more?
  7. I think she looks really good in these pictures....but the full exposure of the the front of her bra is definitely tasteless....what is her obsession with exposing her nipples/breasts/bra????

    Definitely looking pretty though.....and much healthier than she did in some of the previous pictures I've seen posted.
  8. She is so pretty! I love that Fendi belt as well.
  9. that bag - anyone? Love it!
  10. GUCCI:love:
  11. STUNNING! She is always soooooooo fierce! Love the Gucci! Thanks for the photos! I love looking at her and you always have the BEST pictures!
  12. ah, I see it now :cool: :love: :love: :love:
  13. She looks great.. Thanks LV_addict for telling me about her glasses too awhile ago. I ordered them from Neimans and LOVE,LOVE, LOVE them.
  14. I love that outfit, very fierce ! I wish she'd put on some weight though, she'd be even hotter.
  15. What are those glasses? :heart:
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