Victoria Beckham Greets Her Fans at Samantha Thavasa DELUXE!

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  7. WOW she looks absoloutely breath taking here and she even there for people who constantly complain that she never smiles.:rolleyes:
  8. Wow! Thanks for the pics! she looks amaaaaazzzing here! so beautiful! perfection. Her hair looks great.
  9. Danica i love her hair in these pictures its perfection.Actually it reminds me on Jennifer Anistons when she cut her hair.
    And i love those group pictures hahah.
    Would love to see the ad behind her better,that dress she has on looks amazing.
  10. Omg stunning! I really really want to get my hands on those bags!
  11. She looks AMAZING in those pics!!!:nuts: Thank you for posting, Lime!!!
  12. wow i love the bag.Never seen it before.
  13. Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing..

    I notice the fans had to sit down or at least appeared shorter to give the illusion that VB is the tallest.
  14. The bag is desinged by Victoria for Samantha Thavasa.
    Lv_addict you are welcome!:heart:
  15. Thanks for posting!! Can never see enough pictures of VB!