Victoria Beckham Gives Melanie Brown More Than Just Diet Tips

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  1. Not only has Victoria Beckham put fellow Spice Girl Melanie Brown on a diet of strawberries and sit-ups diet, she will now dress Scary Spice for new season of Dancing With The Stars. Mel B has confirmed that pop star-turned-designer will style her for the ballroom dancing contest.

  2. i think mel looks fab just how she is! she has great curves!
  3. Just strawberries? She can at least eat salad, veggies and other fruit! Yikes!
  4. I was going to say, strawberries are nice, but you can't just eat strawberries!

    (Also, they're not in season all year.)
  5. ^^^LOL! This should be interesting for sure!
  6. Makes you wonder what extreme lengths Posh goes to in order to remain rail thin. It's shameful that someone with such unhealthy ideas gets so much attention.
  7. One thing....I HOPE AND WISH mel will NOT end up looking like victoria
  8. Hmm.. this will be interesting, Posh dresses for someone that's shaped like her, but can she dress someone with curves ?
  9. Umm... I doubt Melanie´s reason to sign up for dancing has anything to do with Victoria.
  10. just a diet of strawberries???!!! Is that how victoria does it?
  11. what next?
  12. they both look great.

  13. Yup.... :true:
  14. They Both Are Beautiful!!!