Victoria Beckham Gives Her Book A Makeover

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    Victoria Beckham has given her book, That Extra Half Inch, a sexy American makeover. The British version of the book, which was released in October of last year, has a more carefree and fun cover with a smiling Victoria wearing a pink gown. The U.S. version replaces the smiling Victoria with a more sexy and seductive one.
  2. The smile looks fake on the U.K. cover but I think she looks carefree, as for the American cover it's more of her current look which I like too!
  3. I think they're both HOT!
  4. Its weird seeing Victoria now with long hair, the short hair seems so her now. The new cover is hot, the older one is much more girly though AND shes smiling!
  5. She looks amazing.. absolutely amazing!
  6. I like the first cover better..very sexy!
  7. I'm glad I've got my original cover version. IMO it's more timeless than her current look. She looks great in both however!!
  8. What is her book about. Style??
  9. ^^^^^^

    I'm curious to know of her bags????
  10. I like the cover with her in pink best. :tup: She looks fab anyhow.
  11. I like the pink cover too.
  12. I like it! What is it about? Her life?
  13. i'm sorry but in the the new pic, it looks like she about to take a dump:yucky:
  14. She looks so beautiful!
  15. :roflmfao: i had to look at the pic again but it DOES look like it!

    i like the original cover, it's cute! but she looks great in both