Victoria Beckham,Geri Halliwell and the kids Skate In Central London,28 Dec!

  1. Geri and Brooklyn:


    Victoria and Bluebell:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Geri and Romeo:
    Victoria and Brooklyln:
  2. OMG!!!they look wonderful!!romeo so cute:biggrin:
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. ooo wonder what rink this is? apparently Victoria and David were at a restaurant 2 mins walk from my house last night!
  5. Rink?:s Thats so cool,wich restaurant?There were some pictures of them going to dinner with George Michael at some Asian resturant i think??!?!?
    And also a new ones from yesterday(i think) they are posted in Beckhams Christmas thread!
  6. Ice rink....

    Yes it was Zuma in Knightsbridge
  7. Oooh lol sorry!:shame:
  8. OOOH! It's great that they're still friends. They looks really cute together with the kids. I love these pictures.
  9. probably the one at the natural history museum in Knightsbridge or Somerset House, more likely the first :smile:

    Great piccies :biggrin:
    they look really happy
  10. Aw, Romeo looks so cute :biggrin:
    But Victoria looks so.. :shocked: I're out with the kids, relax and have a bit of fun!
  11. They look so cute!! Just :heart: them!
  12. Geri and Victoria were always my favorite of the spice girls :blush: glad to see they still talk! :yes:
  13. I loved those two, I am happy to see that they are friends still!
  14. So cute! Thanks for the photos!
  15. OMGGGGGGGGGG :crybaby:

    i swear i had tears in my eyez when looking at their pics:crybaby: i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove them soo much, they remind me of my teen age era :crybaby: soo sweet of them to keep in touch and hangout together, aww look at VB feeding bluebell :heart:

    Thaaaaaank u x 1000000000 for those lovely pics ... sniff sniff