Victoria Beckham FUNNY VIDEO

  1. Haha, cute!
  2. Really cute clip!!
  3. How cute. Really funny. :tup:
  4. Loves it, she comes across extremely well in this clip! The two boys are so cute, their faces are priceless!
    Thanks for posting!
  5. cute!hehe
    she looks pretty when smiling actually
  6. cute!!
  7. Great clip :smile:
  8. That's adorable!
  9. omg! whenever she's photo'd, she totally looks like a crazy fembot. But, she's actually adorable in movement. go figure.
  10. Thanks for sharing!
  11. i love this thanks!! i watched the some of the other vb clips too..i esp love the world cup videos!! Thx again!!
  12. that was really cute. haha.
  13. So cute, I really love her here. Thanks so much for sharing :smile:
  14. I saw this video a while ago I absolutely loved it. She is gorgeous and it is so great to see her smile she looks great.