Victoria Beckham Fashion Icon Question

  1. I was thumbing through a magazine and read that Victoria Beckham is a "Fashion Icon". I can surely appreciate how well she dresses and all that, but what my question is, is at what point did she become the "Fashion Icon"?
    She was a Spice Girl and that bad only lasted like one year from what I can recall. Not a model like Cindy Crawford or anything like that. Now all the sudden, Victoria is on every tv show, magazine, etc. and she's being followed around by all these people.

    I'm in no way bashing her because I like her, but this is something that is interesting to me. Have any of you wondered the same thing?
  2. I think it's because she's very into fashion. She always looks good, and wears heels to Disneyland. LOL
    Someone will explain this better,but I kind of agree that she is a fashion icon..
  3. Even though she was a Spice Girl, and not a model or actress, she can still be a fashion icon. She is a classic "WAG" wife and girlfriend of David Beckham, who left her with tons of $$ to shop at the hottest, best designers, and because of her and her husband's fame, shes constantly photographed.. through that lots of other WAGs, like Colleen McCollugh have become fashion icons because theyre photographed alll the time and are always in the best and most recognizable designer's clothing..
  4. This was discussed in that "What do you think of VB'' thread.. But I think that it's not really her fault for looking good...and good that she doesn't give a crap about what others say about her. Truly, that's respectable.
  5. it didnt only last a year.. it was a world wide phenomenon and only ended when Geri Haliwell quit the band in the month of either March or April. LOL I was addicted. but anywho.. idk i think her fashion is nice, but i dont think she's a fashion icon.
  6. I think this is really indicative of the fact that the media has the shortest attention span ever! I think 'icon' I think Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Jackie Onassis, Carolyne Besset (?sp). They were women who dressed both in and above the fashions of the day, they had a style of their own, which influenced fashion, not the other way round.

    VB is like any number of female celebrities today: they dress well because they have a lot of money and STYLISTS to help them coordinate looks and secure the next hot designer's work.

    She looks good in her clothes, but icon? Not really.
  7. I agree with this, allthough I don't even think she dresses all that well..
  8. I like Posh, and I love the way she dresses, but she's not an icon.

    Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Munroe are icons, Posh is nowhere near their status! I don't think people will still be talking about and aspiring to be like Posh in 50 years time!

  9. :yes: Ah, so true though. Well. For the time being, she dresses great
  10. Icon is not the word I would have chosen.
  11. Wow another thread about VB and if she is or isnt fashion icon?Well that anwsers your question in a way!She gets people going and tallking about her style and what she is wearing.I do feel like this thread should be joined with the other one though.

    And to anwser your question YES,i think she is a STYLE ICON,she isnt a trend setter like Kate Moss but she is a style icon in my books.She wears a bomber jacket and Primark makes the cheaper version and its sold out.She visits Oxfam and the next day they have 70% more people coming in.

    She and her style appeal to a totally different woman thAn Kate Moss and Sienna MillerS style.She is my generations Jackie O,Babe Paley.etc
    I can totally understand and respect people who dont like her style and dont think she is a style icon but for me and women like me;she IS!
  12. i agree, i bet if she's not rich to purchase those expensive things, she won't look as stunning as she is now.
    think a fashion icon needs to be inventive and don't always wear designers. anyone can look stylists if they're rich and have people who help them.
    i also wondering the same thing about kylie minoque when i read on glamour that she's voted to be the no. 1 best dressed women of the year... what???
  13. ^Why not? If nicole ritchie and the other zoe-bots were the fashion icons of last summer, why can't VB and Kylie be fashion icons of more recent times? I love the way VB conducts herself, and like I've said before, her "heck-care" attitude towards the press is admirable, and her warm and friendly persona comes through in her interviews, which is fantastic.
  14. I agree.

  15. LOL i'm sorry but i don't think that zoe and richie are fashion icons too :roflmfao: