Victoria Beckham Dresses

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  1. I love wearing knee length, comfortable, stylish dresses and Victoria Beckham hits mark out of the park, but is very expensive $2,500. I normally buy suit dresses from white house black market, banana republic, but their dresses are getting shorter. Does anyone where to buy long, fitted dresses that are similar/narrow at the bottom? Maybe she will create a line for H&M like her husband did!
  2. Check out LK Bennett and whistles, both are UK high street chains, and they do many inspired versions of erdem/Peter pilotto/ Victoria B/Roland mouret
  3. I viewed the sites. These dresses are great! They don't come in my size. I will have to do more research because the fitted Victoria Beckham dresses are amazing!
  4. Do take a look at Aussie labels Dion Lee and Finders Keepers, they make similar dresses too!
  5. I have a few VB Dresses, but in all honesty they don't work well for every day. Just a bit too, tight or just plain uncomfortable.

    Also the quality isn't very good and the fit is just weird along with the fact they are damn expensive - £1500 to £2000.

    If you are prepared to spend that sort of money buy a Dolce and Gabbanna classic. I go back to these dresses time and time again for work and play. Always glamorous and effortless.

    I hope that helps.
  6. Thanks for the info PurpleDragonfly (adore your name we have dragonflies at the pond and they are beautiful)

    I have been trying to get one in my size but it looks like it would have to be a SO. Your advice has made me reconsider. I'll actually be in the store that sells VB in a few so glad to have seen your post
  7. Thank you !
  8. Great suggestion, I found a few finder keepers dresses in ny. I like the mini, pencil fit. Another brand I found online at Nordstrom is Felicity and Coco, from the online reviews I think the dresses will fit my tiny frame and not over power me. Thank you!
  9. PP,

    Do let me know how you get on as often I wonder who the dresses fit. My Personal Shopper also mentioned the dresses invariably need altered due to the poor fit.

    Also I am a very standard size 5'8 and a size 2, so not considered a weird size to buy for.

    Happy Shopping

  10. You're welcome! I have a one-shoulder pencil fit dress from Finder Keepers that I love! I took a look at Felicity & Coco, the solids dresses are nice but I am not a fan of the exposed zip at the back...
  11. I meant midi pencil dress! I've never had a dress with the zipper in the back, hopefully it is comfortable.