Victoria Beckham..Can someone Id her bag?

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  1. Hi ladies:smile:
    I dont post very often but Im stumped here. This is probably one of the few times I see VB without an Hermes.:wtf: Whatever she is carrying I love:love: Anybody seen it before?
    Where? Any idea how much? Although "knowing" her its probably out there in the Hermes $$$$$ range:shame:

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  2. I thought it could have been Valentino....but not so sure.
  3. thats a miu miu if im not mistaken
  4. Miu Miu Harlequin tote (Spring 2008)


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  5. Thank you ladies:smile: Absolutely the blues:love:
  6. oh wow.... it is beautiful!!!! instant lemming :biggrin:
  7. stunning!
  8. Miu Miu
  9. Nice bag!:yes:
  10. absolutely love posh's style
  11. Stunning!!!! I need more pics of her with this bag!
  12. ITA stunning!
  13. soo pretty
  14. wow that is stunning!
  15. :drool: how much is it?