Victoria Beckham boots...Balenciaga???

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  1. Are they, If so where can I get them, they look like Balenciagas but I'm not too sure?
  2. They are definately balenciaga.

    If you go to then to collections and then accessories, then chose shoes you can find them there.

    I dont know where you are located (south of where? earth is quite large! lol)
    but from the UK you can grab them at HN's, Harrods, in paris from the Balenciaga flagship.
    If you go on the website and go to Store Locator, you will find the stores are in: Paris, NY, HK, Singapore, Dubai, Seoul, Taipei, Osaka, Kuwait, and so on...

  3. Londonbrat- thanks, would you happen to know how much they are?
  4. I tried on that exact version on at AR a month or more ago... they are so crazy. heavy, tall... I felt like I might snap my ankle.

    having said that- I should also mention I live in converse and sparkley flats- but those boots were so awesome, I had to try them on. I bet I could wear them if I had a tall, muscular, half-naked man to carry me around so I didnt have to walk. (might as well...)
  5. I called BalNY, and found out that the short boot costs $1,495, and the tall boot costs $1,685.

    Mocean ... LOL ... if they are that difficult for you, then I am sure I can *forget* it!!
  6. they are quite the boots! then again - if one has the funds they would be fun!
  7. they're fierce!!!hope you'll find them!!;)
  8. i purchased them! u can buy them at Nordstrom!!

    good luck!
  9. they are the same ones the olsens have been wearing in the ankle version
  10. I can not find them on Nordstrom??? they dont even have bal. as a collection!!!? Please help!!!!!
    thanks so much,
    addicted to these boots :smile:
  11. This thread is from 2006 hence the reason you can't find them!

    Best bet is eBay
  12. EDIT: I just noticed the date. I was about to say..