Victoria B

  1. These are the recent pictures of my favourite celebrity Victoria Beckham!! I can't stop saying how perfect she looks, although i think she'll look a tiny bit better with a cheese burger or something.. hehe. ;)

    ogle and enjoy!!
    Picture Gallery | JustJared
  2. she is very preety
  3. he looks angry!!!interesting!!:confused1: :shocked:
  4. They both look hot!

    I agree - he looks pissed about something :wtf:
  5. OMG :roflmfo: indeed he's boiling ... they're my best couple:heart:
  6. awwww :smile:
  7. of course he is looking angry, because they can`t even go to a dinner without paparazzi and all the flashlights are a little bit too bright without shades!
  8. they are such a hot couple.