Victoria B. in Italy!

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Is that recent? She looks not as ghastly thin, but gorgeous!!!
  3. She looks very goddess-like in that dress..I like it! And you're right Megs.. she doesn't look so starved in that pic.. I hope it's recent!
  4. love that yellow dress! it can cause traffic! hehe
  5. She looks great as usual!!!! I love that polka-dot dress on whoever is next to VB!
  6. she looks perfect:smile:
  7. She looks great! She looks so angry in the second picture though, I wish she would smile more. .she was so pretty/cute when she laughed and giggled on the Ali G (sp?) show her and David went on.
  8. I think the women in the polka dot dress is her sister
  9. her face looks quite scary.
  10. I was just about to say that the gal next to her looks like her sister, Louise, I think that's her name.
  11. She looks like she has gone back to brown? I love her as a brunette!
  12. Wow...very thin and that face...yikes...agree, she needs to smile
  13. Love that yellow dress, does anyone know who makes it?
  14. Those pics are from yesterday and the woman with her IS her sister.:smile: Here are some more:
    220706portofino01.jpg 220706portofino02.jpg 220706portofino03.jpg 220706portofino06.jpg 220706portofino07.jpg 220706portofino09.jpg 220706portofino10.jpg 220706portofino12.jpg 220706portofino13.jpg 220706portofino14.jpg
  15. Gorgeous!