VICTORIA and family out & about in Germany *PICS*

  1. I can't get over how beautiful her children are!!!:love:
    1420274.jpg AAA.jpg s5001.jpg s5002.jpg s5003.jpg
  2. Look how happy she looks with her kids :heart: You can even see her teeth, lol.
  3. Ok....she looks ravishing! And here's some smiles!!! Yay!

    I think VB is a gorgeous woman.....I'd just like her to eat a little something....
  4. those are cute pictures, thanks for sharing!
  5. LV_addict you're starting to get me obsessed with the Beckhams! :lol: They're the cutest family ever!
  6. I love the color/style of her hair, I wish i could wear my hair that color.
  7. She seems like a good mom.
  8. :yes::graucho::lol::lol::lol:
  9. ^^haha!So true!!!
    i like how she looks in this pic...the dress is very 'bon ton'
  10. cute her dress !!
  11. How is she walking in those heels and carrying that little boy? Wow VB is my idol!
  12. i love her when she smiles! and her kids are so cute :smile:
  13. Always impeccibly coifed, as per usual !
  14. OMGosh how cute is that baby! And VB looks downright lovely in those photos.
  15. omg ...she's...she's...SMILING. i love that her kids seem to be the one thing that make her smile and show emotions! gorgeous as always! :smile: