Victim of theft...please help!

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  1. Dear Friends,

    I have not posted here in a long while. So long, that some of you might have forgotten who I might be. LOL. Well, things here in the inn have been rather busy of late. And the last couple of incidents this past weekend have driven me insane. On Saturday, I received a note from an organisation informing me that I was basically unsuitable for a position I applied for(MrsS, you might know about what I'm alluding to.)

    Well, I was certainly wrong to have thought that things could not get any worse for my Saturday morning..... You see, within half an hour of reading that letter, I was robbed.

    My Garden Party containing everything from wallet, laptop, phones, keys, ID, credit cards, ATM cards etc etc........taken away form me. Basically, the only thing I have left that is proof of whom I claim to be is my passport - which is ridiculous, laughable and depressing. It also makes me physically ill that the thief, some lout, has absolutely no idea of the value of the bag and it's probably chucked in some bin.

    I am leaving the country for a bit of a break and am heading off to Thailand. If any of you are in Bangkok, please be so very kind as to PM me the name of a SA I can get in touch with at the Gaysorn H store. I am desperate for a Garden Party. Of all my H bags, it is the one I used most - for its versatility, endurance against daily abuse and subtlety.

    I thank you all in advance for any advice/help rendered.

  2. Oh, Eric, so sorry to hear all this. Bumping this for someone who could recommend a SA.
  3. That is just awful! I hope you are able to find a suitable replacement.
  4. OH ERIC!!! I am sooo very sorry!! I can't even imagine losing all of those things along w/ ur precious GP!! Hope you have a great break in Thailand, nonetheless and that you get ur GP!! SOMEONE HELP!
  5. Closing this one- Duplicate thread.
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