Victim of a rosewar- what some do to the purses of an ex-lover!

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  1. oh my god if only I could read that! can you translate it for me?
  2. Wow :amazed: Someone got angry!
  3. Here the translation:
    This authentic Speedy 25 was bought 6 months ago in a LV shop and was just used once before the "rosewar" started. The bag is severely damaged see pics because the front is ripped apart and has to be sewed on again. I can't garantuee that it won't be visible marks even after the repair work is done.LV couldn't garantuee this either and the estimated costs would be above retail. Other than this this bag the bag doesn't have any deficiencies (there I peed my self laughing :biggrin: :biggrin: ) The bag comes with the lock and a set of keys.
    I think that is hilarious that people are bidding on it and that someone tries to sell it!
  4. thank you for the translation....
    ~ the bag has NO OTHER deficiencies..YUP that is my favorite part
    ~ wouldn't that be funny (well, maybe wrong choice of word) if it was actually a Fake LV..that was ALSO in that condition...and she was actually trying to sell it. I guess if you are creative enough You can think of other ways to use it without getting it repaired.
  5. Yeah, may be a talented tailor could make a rain hat out of it;)
  6. why would anybody buy that??
  7. Or you could make a change purse, a pen holder, or a cute little bracelet, HAHA!!!!
  8. Aww that poor little speedy didn't deserve to be killed that way :cry: :biggrin:
  9. Talk about taking out frustration on a bag!
  10. That's just what I was thinking, why the bag.. why !!! :Push:
  11. No kidding...that's horrible.
  12. I can't help but :amazed: but :sad: for the bag. It's funny at the same time:lol: :lol: .
  13. What's a rosewar? That's so silly. Who would buy that?!
  14. Maybe they meant "War of the Roses"..that movie?