Victim of a fake purse party!!!

  1. Alright ladies (& gents), I have a dilemma. About three years ago, I went to “COACH purse party” where this lady was selling reportedly authentic Coach purses for discounted prices like 40% off. I was new to the whole designer purse thing back then and was totally won over by the great prices so I bought two purses and a wallet. Well years later, after I stopped wearing them and grew out of Coach, I find out that they’re fake! But good fakes so no one really never said anything to me about them – and trust me I have friends who would totally call me out if they ever saw me wearing a fake.

    So now, I am totally pissed because I spent $400 on those purses and they’re freaking fake! What should I do? I only have her cell phone number and she never picks up when I call her. It always goes to voice-mail and she never returns my calls! The lady who invited us to the party and introduced me to her is psycho! She insists that she didn’t know her purses were fake and that she doesn’t have contact with her now and that this is not her problem.

    So I don’t know what to do! It’s been three years. Should I just let it go? It still eats me up at times and sometimes I just want to hit somebody. UGH. I really don’t know what to do. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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  2. wow, that is terrible! i would beat her with a stick if i ever met her!!
  3. Nothing you can do.

    Oh, except call the police. Dealing in counterfeits is against the law.
  4. the police....the lady who sold you the bags was doing so illegally.
  5. i suppose you should call the police now. nevertheless, i would still beat her in the head.
  6. Sorry to hear that. There has been a lot of those "purse parties" going on in Columbus, OH for years and recently (well within the last several months) the police busted a bunch of the parties. Selling counterfeit as authentic is illegal and maybe the police could trace the phone number or the person's name. You may not be the only one whose reported it. You probably won't get your money back, but maybe they'll get what they deserve!
  7. call the police and report her.

    if you can, have another friend pretend to be interested and want to attend one then have it set up like a sting where the police bust it and take down the FAKES
  8. Thats horrible!!

    I don't know what the time limitations are on something like this.

    Is she still having the parties?
  9. Thanks for the advice and opinions ladies.... I'm still feeling horrible about this - but oh well... what's done is done. I will definitely report it to the police though and keep you posted.
  10. you could take her to small claims court.. oh and I agree -- notify the authorities
  11. I don't think it's worth it after 3 years. Unless she's still having these parties. I got suckered by one of these parties before and spent $100 on a bag. I sold it at a garage sale for $10 over two years ago. Let the anger go over this, but if she still sells these fakes report her sorry a**!!!!
  12. Report her. For all we know she might still be running the show. Oh, also try calling Coach. I got an eBay seller from China suspended by calling and emailing Coach about him.
  13. The costs of going to court most likely will be much more than the cost of the purses. Definitely report it to the police. I don't know what can be done for you since it's been 3 years, but if the lady is still dealing, it'd be nice for her to get caught. I like Cindy's suggestion of a sting. It's a serious issue, but I can't help laugh when I think of the police busting the purse guy that would come set up in the student center when I was in college. I will admit as a poor college kid my freshman year I did buy a fake kate spade from him, but I knew it was fake and the "kate spade" patch fell off in 2 days. He never had fake Coaches thank goodness.
  14. Also report her to your local FBI office.
  15. you can report it to the police, and the police will tell the companies that look into fake bags ( i used to work at one) they work with the fbi and police, because both cannot be bothered. Coach and other companies like Louis Vuitton hire a firm to sniff em out :graucho: