VickyB's Hermes Scarf Collection

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  1. The wonderful MaiTai encouraged me to post my scarf collection. I am a total scarfaholic :nuts: ! I have taken pictures and now am trying to figure out how to add them to this threadHope you all enjoy it! Here is a list of my scarves to get things started( I will post it in 2 parts)


    Jeux D'ombres
    Cherval sur mon carre
    Tohu Bohu
    Tout en carre
    Les Jardin D'armenie
    Early America
    Les Cles
    Jungle Love
    De La Citrouille a la Caleche
    Chasse en Inde
    Rythemes du monde
    Pierres d'orient et d'occident
    Sererer a lade
    Soleil de Soie
    no name - this is a mosaic design w/ animals
    no name - this is a design of decorated horses has a very India vibe
    Zodiaque – lavender, sable, turquoise
    Selle D’Apparat Morocaine

    Cheval Turc


    Jeu Des omnibus ei Dames Blanches
    Les Voitures a transformation
    Chasse d’Afrique


    Blues – no name - plant vines w/ flowers
    Jouns(sp?) d’or
    Les Chevaux se rendent au depart
    Fantaisie Indiennes
    Les Cles(clefs)
    Tiger Royal
    Mors Filets
    La Mors Ala Conetable
    Charmes de Plages Normandie
    A propos de bottes
    Brides de gala
    Polo du monde
    Generatrice Solaire
    Tohu Bohu
    La Reale – blanc, anthracite, rouge


    La vie a cheval
    Pourvu qu’on ait l’ivresse
    Ecole Portugaise d’art Equestre
    Brandebourgs x 2 green/red & black/gold colorways
    Alphabet des metiers
    Auteuil en Mai
    Early America
    Les Voitures a transformation
    Mors Groumettes
    No Name – red background w/ curly vines w/ grapes, beads and other things
    Astrologie x 2 in brown & black colorways 1 from 1963
    Les Cles(clefs) x 3 fuchsia, black, grey/white colorways 1965, 2002, 1985
    no name - looks like an Aztec necklace x 2
    Musee Vivant du cheval Chantilly – an early 1st issue
    Pasementerie x 3 purple, white/red/greens & orange colorways 2 from 1960
    Des Galères
    Le Rivieres de Babel x 2 black/gold & pink/light purple/grey colorways 2005 but 1st issued in ????
    Tout Cuir
    Noel au 24 FSH
    Chevaux Arabes
    Selles Housse
    Eperon D’Or – not totally sure this is the correct name
    Plumes et Grelots
    Eclats de lune
    Soies Volantes
    Brides et Frontaux
    Poste et Cavalerie
    Couvertures et tenues de jour
    Pour L’ecurie l’attente et la presentation editees par Hermès Paris 1974
    Paruves des sables
    Coeffure a la belle Poule
    Ecuries – reissued in early 80s – orig in 1947
    Copeau x 3 light blue, black & pink colorways
    Cavaliers de nuages x 2 1999
    Brides de Gala
    No name – it is puce, w/ turquoise dots and brown outline of what look like teeny lanterns or bags?
    Flacon x 3 pistachio, olive green & yellow colorways
    Au pays de cocagne
    No name – olives on a tree/vines
    Huaca Piru II
    No name – very pagan in design
    Pari Daiza
    No name – all the sites of Paris
    No name – ancient Heralds/banners/flags x 2
    Raconte moi les cheval 1999
    Jungle Love 2000
    Crowns x 2
    Les Tambours x 2 yellow & black colorways
    Le Fleuve Sacre
    Le cavaliers d’or x 3
    Face au Carge (sp?)
    No name – horse things
    Parures de sables
    Lacre du Friniemp (sp?)
    Ihola Flamencai x 2 black/red & pink/white colorways
    Recontre Oceane
    Plaza Toros
    Splendeur des Maharajas II 2002
    Tresor dul nil
    Grand Fonds
    Mythologies des homes
  2. Scarf List Part II

    Tranditional Scarves continued:

    Les Folies du ciel
    Grande Manege
    Les canards
    Le Rubans du cheval
    1937 Feux D’artifice
    No name – maritime devices
    Vue du carossele de la galere la reale (sp?)
    Cannes pommeaux
    Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee 1977
    Caparacons de la France et de L’inde
    Camails x 2
    Selles a Housses
    L’or de Chefs
    Carpe Diem 1994
    Traineaux et glifsades
    Les Armes de Paris
    Passage du Moscou
    La vie du grand Nord
    Republique Francoise Liberte, egalite, fraternite
    Ren chevalier
    Les Chevaux des Empereurs Mongols
    Aux Champs
    Ombres et lumieres
    Par Mefsire Antoine de principcipal de las majefte (sp?)
    Les fete du Roi Soleil
    Dance Cards
    Peuple au Vent – green
    Etriers – blue , grey & silver

    Hermes Letters
    Grand Fond
    No name – riot of very bright almost neon colors
    No name – red w/ white dots
    Bolduc w/ medor

    Charmes des plages Normandie II


    Grand Fond
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    :wtf::wtf: Wow, your collection is TDF!!! And you have my HG!!

    ^ Can't wait to see photos!!
  6. Very very impressive collection. Congrats and well done!!:woohoo:
  7. Holy sh**, that is a massive collection. Can't wait to see photos.
  8. OMG Vicky! Fantastic! :woohoo:
  9. Thank you for taking the time to share with us!! This is going to be one fantastic thread!! Can't wait!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. :nuts:
  11. Pictures please:biggrin:
  12. i can't wait to see the pics !
  13. :faint:I can't wait for the pictures!!!!
  14. Everybody! Thanks so much for your awesome comments :blush: and interest in my collection! I started when I was 12 or 14 and am now 42. I am the daughter of a big time H scarfaholic(and all other H things too) fantastic mother and I caught the bug from her. My true true vintage prizes were handed down to me from mom - really crazy to think that I have some scarves older than me! I'm going to post the shawls 1st.
  15. Dreamdoll - which is your HG?
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