vicky:) Professional

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    she is so cute i love her pictures:love:
  2. Great photos! She looks adorable and mischievous in those last pics! :smile:

  3. Oldies but goodies:yes:
  4. she looks adorable! i love her!
  5. Vicky looks great when she smiles!!
  6. i like it when she smiles but her pout look is cool too!
  7. these must be old , she seems smaller now
  8. she was cuter and more down-to-earth IMO!!!!
  9. I love her! Cute pics :biggrin:
  10. What great pics! She has such a sweet smile!
  11. the last photo on the right is the best. the left one looks too faked.

    she is soo gorgeous though
  12. I like it when she smiles too but I don't see pics of that often.
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