Vicky Christina Barcelona?

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  1. Hi,

    Did anyone see this movie with Penelope Cruz, Scarlett J, and Javier Bardem? Would you recommend seeing it? (I haven't seen any Woody Allen films so I have no idea what to expect.)

    Thanks in-advance!!
  2. I'm dying to see this but it's not playing in the theatres closest to me. It got 3.5 stars in the paper.
  3. it's getting great reviews, but i always find woody allen movies tedious to watch, so i won't be checking it out.
  4. I love Woody Allen's movies (with a few exceptions), but I'm really looking forward to seeing this. I've no idea how long it'll take to get to where I live, though. It's gotten great reviews on imdb.
  5. I saw it! I really enjoyed it-I think it was the best Woody Allen film in awhile. If you have never seen a Woody Allen movie, well, they are all more talking than action. But, I think this one was done particularly well. The other actress who plays Scarletts friend is really great, Penelope is great, Javier is hot as usual.
  6. It helps knowing that W. Allen's film's are more talk, less action... thanks for the info!! I think I'm convinced to go see it.... again, thanks for everyone's input!!
  7. I just saw it yesterday and I really liked it.
    Especially the scenery but no really it was all really good