Vicky B's New Single "Full Stop" Featuring Nas

  1. Wow!!!! She does sound like JLo. I have always thought it was funny that british people lose their accent when they sing, lol.
  2. JLo sounds a lot better. I think the song sounds dated. I'm not digging it. Nas is the best bit.
  3. I have this on my ipod from a friend its very old I like it but i doubt she releasing it now, i think its 2-3 years old why wouldn't she do a new song?
  4. I thought she was done with singing...
    She sounds nothing like J.Lo to me, but I really don't like it, even Nas won't save this song. She sucks!
  5. Is this from Damon Dash days?
  6. Yeah, song sounds like something from the 90's IMO. I think she said " I wanna ride or die". LOL. Real gangsta Victoria.
  7. Is anyonne finding the song really hard to keep up with? I'm like.. trying to keep up with lyrics but she's not loud enough and gets smothered by the beat XD
  8. lol it's awful... but I don't like that type of music anyways.
  9. hey, with victoria's voice, we should be thankful of the too loud back beat drowing her out lol ;)

  10. I thought she'd given up singing?
  11. I thought this was a very old song.. from her previous album?
  12. Sounds like something a young Britney would have sung back in the day.....and yeah, it does sound dated!!!!
  13. I wouldn't exactly call it singing. There was a lot of help with covering her voice. Gangsta Spice?
  14. interesting .....