Vicky B's Elective Surgery

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    Posh Spice: Nice dress, shame about the bunions

    Her addiction to vertiginous stilettos is legendary but super-chic Victoria Beckham may soon find herself wearing something a little less flattering on her feet – hospital bandages.
    The singer-turned-designer has told friends that her bunions are now so bad she is seriously considering having an operation to remove them.
    The scale of Victoria's painful bunion problem was laid bare recently when she was snapped in a pair of spiked Mulberry sandals. Now a friend of the former Spice Girl tells me: 'Victoria has had enough of having bad feet and has made some early-stage enquiries about having her rather unpleasant bunions removed.
    'They are causing her a considerable amount of pain, so much so that she thinks the only thing to do is to have surgery. She knows the operation is unpleasant and she will be out of action for a while, but she thinks it may be worth it.
    'It is something she will probably have done in the States when the family is fully settled in LA.' When I bumped into 33-year-old Victoria recently, she candidly confessed her feet were giving her a headache. 'I always wear stilettos but they have given me awful feet,' she said.

    'I hate my feet, they are the most disgusting thing about me. Part of the reason I wear such amazing shoes is to take the eye away from my horrid feet and on to the stunning shoes.'
    Bunions – a deformity of the big toe joint which grows at an angle to the foot – are the bane of style-conscious women the world over. They can become painful and problematic if they are not treated.
    A spokesman for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists gave an idea of what Posh is in for. He said: 'The operation takes about an hour and is usually performed under a local anaesthetic. It is important to rest for three days afterwards and stitches are usually removed after two weeks.'

    Katie Nichol Via The Dailyfemail
  2. OUCH! That's why I stick to my vans and converses unless there's a special occation..
  3. Apparently she is getting both feet done at the same time.
  4. Yikes!! That would be terrible....she's brave.
  5. I agree. Pretty much all I wear are vans. She is going to have to say out of heels for a while, I wonder is she can do it??
  6. ouch!!!
  7. Her bunions are really bad though. She may have to lay off those killer heels for a very long time.

    Maybe she will make the Teva's fashionable again.... yikes.
  8. I've seen her feet too Prada, and yes, they are bad. I commend her for getting them fixed. Can you imagine how her feet must feel after wearing all those high heels? They are painful enough WITHOUT bunions! The other thing is that when you have a foot deformity like that, you compensate by adjusting other parts of your body like your spine and knees. Long term, this can cause more serious problems. This may be why she is doing both feet now, she may be having other issues crop up that are caused by that. I wish her a speedy recovery!
  9. Yeah, me too, wearing vans all the time.
  10. I wish her nothing but luck with the surgery.I'm sure the doctor will give her plenty of pain medication and she'll have someone to wait on her hand and foot during the recovery.

    Her own vanity caused the problem, no one is born with bunions they are man made just like her LB's.I love a beautiful pair of heels as much as the next gal but you must use common sense or pay the price.

    She may have the surgery but I'd bet money she will be right back in those stilettos once the pain wears off.:nogood:
  11. She is (IMHO) one of the most fashionable women in the world - but why does she gross me out so much? Am I the only one?
  12. I feel so sorry for her, that is painful surgery. My friend had it done one foot at a time but she recovered.

    I don't agree totally cat that bunions are man made, my daughter has a small one & I always made sure she had the very best of shoes & was fitted. I think a lot is hereditary as my mum has really bad ones. Thankfully I missed them even though I always wore stilletoes.

    I hope Victoria will recover well.
  13. I was kinda born with bunions..
    well, i guess not born.. but it is genetic and i developed them at an early age.. i am only 21 and i have horrible bunions. i've had them since forever. they started off small and then grew bigger and bigger. and the funny thing - i never wear high heels.. when i was young i didnt wear them coz i was too young and now.. i cant wear high heels because it hurts.. at least she got bunions looking pretty in those stilletos. i didnt even get to wear stilletos..

    i also want to do the surgery.. someday...
  14. Man oh man, that looks like a very painful condition and surgery. The photos I have seen of her feet make it seem amazing that she can get them into some of the shoes she wears they are so big and disformed! Speedy recovery VB!
  15. Ive always believed that bunions are hereditary. My Mother and my Grandmother never had them. Niether do I or my sisters. I hear they can be so painful. They are really ugly to look at too ! I have a friend who had the surgery she said it was the best thing she ever did.

    I wish Vicky B well.