Vicky Beckham and her Hermes, out and about today...

  1. Talk about a bag that can make a trashy outfit look good. :lol: ;)

  2. I'm sorry, I can't stop looking at hey body. As hard as it is to not look at the bag, she is REALLLY skinny.
  3. Damn! Her legs are disgusting!!!!! She is starting to get uglier by the day!
  4. Saw this on another thread...the bag is the largest thing she's wearing!

  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. Love that bag! But damn, those shorts are short!!! Nair short!
  7. i'm jealous. i wish my legs looked like that.:amuse:
  8. No you don't, their fugly!
  9. what happened to her face. she DOES look like ET.
  10. I kinda like the shoes, though.....
  11. "Umm...have I shaved my legs?" whipered Victoria to her bodyguard.

    "Ooops!!!!!!!!!!!" shout Victoria. (*rush back to her hotel room.):cry: :shame:

    Matchstick legs. TDF FUGLY. :sick:
  12. I love the shoes too!! Is it Fendi or Chloe?
  13. She's not getting uglier by the day!! If only she's curvier, she'll look better. And her thinness is not because of dieting, it's due to her illness. She suffer from a severe weight loss after the birth of her son, Romeo. She also suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder when the ovaries produce higher than normal acounts of male hormonals. Her husband's infidelity in the past also took a major plunge in her life. The public's ongoing criticisms, I just don't know why people continue to pick her on her frame. Yeah......she's thin so what? Whether she wants to be thin, want to wear tiny shorts, big sunglasses, it's her life. She can do anything she wants to. She's not going to be ruled by the media and paparazzi. If she's not in the limelight, I don't think she'll be criticised this heavily.

    At least, she has better legs and no cellulite than many other women!! :noworry: :mad:
  14. This reminds me of the lady who has many orange boxes & birkins. The comments that people make about her are so unacceptable!!
  15. I would trade my legs for hers any day.:biggrin: