Vicky B Spends $97.500 For Her Soccer Themed Decor

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    21st January 2007 10:07:38

    Beckhams Splash Out On Soccer Decor.... Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham have reportedly splashed out a staggering $97,500 (£50,000) in a Los Angeles boutique on soccer-themed decor for their three sons.

    The couple and their young children - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz - are moving to the US city later this year (07) when sports star David transfers his soccer skills from Spanish side Real Madrid to Los Angeles Galaxy.

    And Victoria is so desperate for the family to get behind his career move, she's ordered a stash of stadium-inspired room fittings to decorate their new house.

    Staff at children's boutique Petit Tresor have been lined up to customise the children's three bedrooms with soccer murals, beds, bean bags and desks.
    The shop's co-owner, Samantha Winch, says, "The idea is to make you feel like you're in a soccer stadium like dad."

    Victoria's shopping spree also saw her snap up a toy plane, a red leather Hermes nappy bag and five colourful balls for the kids.
  2. GAHHHH David looks sooo hot in this pic... too bad I can't enlarge it... :sad:
  3. Sigh..I wonder what she'd ever do if all the money dried up. I like her and all but every time you turn around she's spending exorbitant amounts of money.
  4. ^ but the thing is that's for her kids! I would definitely spend that amount of money on my kids..
  5. big spender! even if you have a mountain of money, you will never know what will happen... what if david met an accident and became paralyzed? ( just a thought) is their savings enough to spend for a lifetime?
  6. I´d be really really curious to see what a soccer stadium room looks like.....
    I so could become rich in LA doing tasteless decors for celebs.....(cf MTV Cribs):graucho: , all I need is a damn visa !
  7. Ah...then there would be an incredible insurance payout to cover her spending habits for the rest of their lives ;)
  8. But what if they didn't want a soccer room? What if they wanted a Harry Potter room or something?
  9. Must be nice!
  10. Wow sounds aweseome..I'd love to see the rooms once they're completed :p
  11. With so much money, how could it possible dry up! :wtf: She's spending crazy though! Do they donate to charity???
  12. I'd love to tour their new house and her closet !
  13. Oh, I hope they don't put too much pressure on their boys to play soccer.
  14. well he sure is getting PAID $$$$$!! His soccer contract is outrageous!
  15. Good for her! You spend that money VB & keep the economy going!