Vicky B.'s Bag

  1. hmmm - doesn't look lik it, but very similar......those boobs!!!
  2. lol, it does look like it....i would love it! if it was maybe thats why this bag didnt POP to me
  3. it's a very similar shape! I'm waiting for the MM P-B to come out...droool!!
  4. Yikes! Whoa! What bag?????
  5. Here is a better pic of the bag:
  6. The boobs look like they have matching croc skin. Okay that was mean, I am deeply sorry.
  7. that my eyes have, NOT a P-B. The hardware is all wrong. I wonder what this bag IS?
  8. nope. not P-B.

    an LV maybe?
  9. is it the LV L'Ignegneiuxkjebfhbnfl dang those things are hard to croc??? i guess i would love to see a P-B in one though....
  10. ^^^ It does look like the L'Ingénieux PM but it doesn't come in croc.. unless Ms. P special ordered it ! It does look a little flatter than L'Ingenieux.

  11. maybe its one of the exotic special order? maybe we can ask the LV forum? any help mods?
  12. LOL! That's how I always thought of them too, missbabydolce!:lol:
  13. That's a Louis L'Ingénieux not an Hermes PB,... My old LV SA Has been calling me on that bag. It's a special order for valuable customers. How do I tell my old SA that I no longer buy Vuitton? You know it's funny, she USED to work for Hermes. If she was to go back to Hermes I would never ever have a bag search problems again!!! I'd ask for a bag and I'd have it like zip! shoot!

    Anyway that woman has some serious boobie problems!!!
  14. Don't you think those nipples are a little.......high?

    .....maybe it's just me. Ever since having DD everything's been heading south.......