Vicky B : Not Ready For baby #4 YET !!!

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  1. Victoria Beckham: we’ll try for baby number 4 next year

    Friday September 8th, 2006 at 8:14 pm by LucyLastic

    [​IMG]Victoria Beckham has revealed she is planning to have another baby with husband David Beckham but not just yet.
    Due to a misunderstanding earlier this week, David was claimed to have confirmed Victoria was already pregnant but yesterday Victoria stressed that it wasn’t the case.
    The couple were in Venice to launch their perfume range and Victoria told reporters: “I’m definitely not pregnant - despite what has been said by a certain individual.”
    “People keep asking when I’m having the next one but it’s tricky, having three young boys.”
    “I’m thinking next year would be a good time to try. I would like another one.”
  2. Odd, but interesting...time will tell. Wish them well, whenever it happens for them.
  3. Aww.. I hope when they do decide to have another child, that it's a little girl !
    Saturday Sep 9 2006 @ 3:48PM |

    hello hello hello! many thanks to a dear popbytes reader who sent me some images of victoria & david beckham in venice for the launch of their perfume 'intimately' - they also sent some soundbites from ms. beckham - who speaks out on everything from those pregnancy rumors to her lack of singing talent and her switch to the fashion industry - in fact she just landed in NYC to hit up some of the shows during fashion week! popbytes over & out for now - check you all laters...xxoo!

    I was really sticking my bum out. When you havent got one you learn how to fake it

    It's not really for me to say but if I'm honest I don't think it was all done in the right way. Yes, David was a bit upset. Is he not one of the best 23 footballers in the country?

    Id love a little would just complete our family. But at the moment I take my Pill every morning as now isn't quite the right time.

    I always say to David 'You've got so much more going for you. You're naturally so talented and good looking, so much more so than me'.

    It's amazing - I'm doing some - thing I'm actually very good at. I can confidently sit in a room with Donatella Versace or anyone in the business and be respected. I know what I'm talking about.

    People say he's strange but he's not - he's just a genuinely lovely caring person. And Katie is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities I've met

    I never woke up in the morning knowing I'm brilliant at what I do. I was never a great singer and I knew that

    He's so into his looks it's something else. He'll say 'Mummy, I want to wear this hat with this outfit' and he won't leave the house until he's looking just right
  5. I think there are many people who would disagree that David shouldn't have gone - his captaincy was pretty average and as a footballer he is a one trick pony. There is no way her bum wasn't airbrushed in those pics to look curvier, I think that may be a little white lie.
  6. Awww well, it will be a cute child
  7. I hope they eventually have a little girl!
  8. They can have another when they want to. Their family is so cute together!
  9. I like her-- she's very independent, and I like how she is very candid about the whole baby thing!
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