Vicky B Looks Absolutely Smashing Here !

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    Victoria Beckham, pictured here leaving the Hempel Hotel after a book signing this morning, has been on a PR offensive today, guesting on several BBC radio shows in a bid to promote her new book entitled 'That Extra Half An Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between', out this week.

    During the interview Victoria avoided any issues of contention surrounding her weight and declined to reveal her clothing size, but did dispense with some essential style advice including "always carry wig tape" (incase of wardrobe malfunctions) and "get a good bra."
  2. She looks gorgeous! I love her outfit and her shoes!
  3. I love her shoes!
  4. I'm so loving her outfit! :smile:
  5. she looks great!
  6. She's STUNNING! :nuts:
  7. Love this outfit! she looks gorgeous!
  8. WOW, she looks so chic! Love it!
  9. She looks amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat!
  10. She looks so Posh!
  11. Love the coat!
  12. She looks good, but I think she always looks like she wants photos to be taken.
  13. She looks FABULOUS!!! LOVE the trench!!!:love:
  14. I love her hair at this length. So fabulous!
  15. yep, I agree she always looks like she has prepped the papz to be there ;), but she looks amazing here. I am loving that trench too :smile: